World Tiger Nut Day

What on earth is a tiger nut?

Tiger nuts are not nuts, but are actually a tiny root vegetable. Today they are mostly grown in Spain and in Africa although we know that tiger nuts were cultivated thousands of years ago by the Egyptians, and tiger nuts were even eaten by our Palaeolithic ancestors!

Tiger nuts are also known as ‘chufa’ or ‘earth almond’ and their latin name is Cyperus esculentus. Tiger nuts are found on the roots of the plant which is a sedge grass, and in fact have more in common with an artichoke that a nut!

Tiger nuts are an amazing superfood  packed full of nutrients and fibre. They are particularly good for gut health because they prebiotic fibre. They are also good for your heart, and skin as they contain lots of anti-oxidants. They are even said to be able to boost fertility and your sex life!

Tiger nuts can be eaten raw, cooked and also enjoyed as a delicious drink known as ‘horchata’ or tiger nut milk.  

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Our Tiger Nut Mission!

We want to to inspire everyone to eat healthy and delicious food.

We want to help educate to improve health and wellness.

We want to support tiger nut growers and communities to earn a fair wage and help improve their lives.

We want to support sustainable and ecologically friendly farming to help the planet.

We want to spread #tigernutlove across the globe!

Tiger nuts are naturally sweet and nutty, like an almond, but coconutty and with a more earthy taste.

Tiger Nut Fun Facts...

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Courtesy of Rude Health 

TIGER NUTS are seriously GOOD for you! 

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Good Guts

prebiotic fibre 

A daily helping of tiger nuts can help you feel HEALTHY and HAPPY! 

Understanding the difference between a prebiotic and a probiotic is vital – Probiotics are “good” bacteria that help keep your digestive system healthy by controlling the growth of harmful bacteria. Prebiotics are carbohydrates, that gets to your gut and feeds your good gut bacteria!


High Fibre

fibre for health

A fibre rich diet can help to promote bowel transit, prevent constipation, diverticulosisbowel cancer and haemorrhoids.  Dietary fibre can also help obesity by keeping us fuller for longer and helping slow the release of glucose and insulin. Soluble fibres have been shown to help normalise serum cholesterol levels by binding directly to cholesterol, decreasing the chance of re-absorption and promoting excretion.


Low Sugar

reduce sugar consumption 

People are eating more sugar than ever before, and experts now know that it can damage our health in many ways. Adding sugar is associated with diabetes and weight gain.   Whilst naturally occurring sugars in whole foods such as fruit and vegetables are ok - we need to cut down on 'free sugars' which is sugar that is added to food and drink. The natural sweetness of tiger nuts can help you cut down your sugar consumption.


Making tiger nut milk is simple, watch the video below to see just how easy it is  ...

Tiger nuts make it easy to eat healthy. Tiger nuts make an ideal gluten free flour that can be used in baking…

Photo courtesy of Julia Goncalvo - recipe featured below








Photo courtesy of Claudia Curici of creativeinmykitchen

Here is a fun and simple recipe for making delicious chocolate crackers with Tiggy chocolate and tiger nut spread…
Want to get involved in some
tiger nut fun?

Win a Tiger Nut

Milk Kit in our Recipe Competition!

We want to see all of your tiger nut recipes and creations! We will be giving away one of our fabulous Tiger Nut Milk Kits to the best and most delicious tiger nut recipe we see. To enter simply tagging us in any tiger nut recipe or creation you have made - you can enter as many times as you like - simply use the #tigernutday2019 on Instagram, Twitter or tag us on Facebook.

Courtesy of The Tiger Nut Company

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For details on how to enter you can…


Get tasting and try something new and delicious!



You can get involved with the fun and celebrate Tiger Nut Day by making something new  delicious and healthy at home or with friends. Here is a selection of recipes from our tiger nut partners across the globe! Recipes for  breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks. 


Tiger Nut biscuits

A simple and delicious recipe for gluten free biscuits that are vegan and sugar free!

Tiger Nut Co biscuits _1910.jpg

tiger nut carob waffles

A delicious and simple recipe for healthy carob waffles


snickers style magnum Ice Cream

Creamy with a hint of sweetness. A hot twist on a Valencian classic! 

Meridian Ice Cream 10.jpg

Raw Tiger Nut Cheesecake

An amazingly simple and delicious version that is paleo, vegan and gluten free

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tiger nut expresso martini 

Add razzmatazz to your liquor routine with this easy recipe. 


Gorgeous gut juice

A brilliant way to help boost your gut health 


Tiger Nut Macaroons

A brilliant healthy gut healing snack from Be Good to your Gut by Eve Kalinik 

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Tiggy chocolate crackers

A delicious and fun recipe for crackers that are packed full of taste.

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chocolate sable cookies

A healthy paleo, vegan version with a gorgeous buttery taste! 

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