Gorgeous  Gut Juice


 I love having  a breakfast juice in the garden on a sunny morning. I particularly love green juices which are full of chlorophyll and vitamins. But did you know that Tiger Nuts are a great source of prebiotic goodness. Most people now understand the importance of probiotics  for healthy digestion, but you might not have heard of prebiotics.  Prebiotics are a source of food for probiotic bacteria to multiply and thrive in the gut,  in particular for Bifidobacteria. So adding a spoon or two of Tiger Nut flour to your morning  juice is a great way to help feed your digestive system. But also as Tiger Nuts are naturally sweet they can help mask the taste of some of the stronger green juices.

For this I juiced a head of celery, an apple, and some spinach and lemon. I added two spoons of tiger nut powder and a spoon of my favourite wheatgrass, spirulina and chlorella powders all of which make this a great juice for  cleansing and detoxing. I topped with bee pollen which can help boost your immune system too.