World Tiger Nut Day

Looking after farms and farmers 

Tiger Nuts are grown mainly in Africa and Spain....


 Tiger Nuts from Valencia

Special tiger nuts called Chufa de Valencia are  grown in nineteen Valencian towns in the L'Horta Nord area. They have been cultivated here for hundreds of years and Valencia produces around   5.3 million kilograms of tiger nuts each year.  

You can see one of the Valencian farmers talking about their tiger nuts  in a short  video on the right

Their water irrigation system is an ancient system of canals which has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site, and the farm still uses this system today. We think it is really important to help to preserve this important cultural and architectural heritage, and by buying  Chufa de Valencia you are doing exactly that! Chufa de Valencia is an artisan product regulated by the Chufa de Valencia Regulatory Council since 1995.

In Spain tiger nuts are used to make a delicious traditional drink  called horchata de chufa which is simple to make.


Tiger Nuts from Africa

Tiger Nuts are grown primarily in West and North Africa, and in Africa tiger nuts are used to make a traditional drink called Kunnu aya, or a dish called swallow .

Fair for Life promotes a Fair Trade approach that allows all those producers and workers who are socioeconomically disadvantaged to access a wider range of social and economic benefits. Fair Trade is part of a broader context of sustainable development in a region that safeguards and supports the local social fabric, particularly in rural settings.

You can find out more here about a Fair for Life tiger nut project in Nigeria.  

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Chufa, the superfood from Valencia 

" These days, the town of Alboraya, just outside the city of Valencia, is the epicenter of horchata production. Its readily recognizable landscape, featuring mile upon mile of chufa fields, produces a delicately flavored drink that should be ideally consumed fresh on the spot, as the bottling process inevitably makes it lose properties and alters its characteristic taste."

-El Pais